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Children's Super Hug
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Children's Super Hug

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Let the healing power of flower bring calm and an energetic hug to your child. This one is our children's favourite!

This formula is specially designed for children ages 0 “ 16 years old. Children™s Super Hug will allow the child to feel that the world loves them and wants to give them a big hug. This formula of course can be used by any age, but we have found it beneficial to help during the cranky and irritable stages that children go through. It is specially designed to help

the user feel more empowered. We most often use this formula in a spray form, as it can both be given orally and/or sprayed into a room where children are ˜acting up™ in order to get attention.


 Buttercup “ strengthens feelings of self-worth and ability to experience one™s own inner-light and uniqueness

Chamomile “ reduces moodiness and irritability; releases emotional tension, especially in the stomach or solar plexus

Chicory “ freely accepting love, strength and freedom without a need to be demanding, manipulative, or use attention

getting behaviour

Self Heal “ a healthy, vital sense of Self; feeling a deep sense of wellness and wholeness

Sunflower “ a balanced sense of individuality, and a sun-radiant personality

Yarrow, Yellow “ having inner protection while remaining open to others